10 Things to do in Spring Break

1. Make some Rain Makers (I hope to do a separate post on that.)

2. Make quilts with a bunch of people.

3. Visit with friends and cousins

4. Sleepovers.

5. Give your girls freedom in the sewing room.

6. Make cards for Daddy's birthday.

7.  Let your kids help you plan and make the party food.

8.  Go to an indoor playground.

9.  Visit a nature reserve when you finally get some sunshine.  And let your kids take lots of pictures.  And make sure you take some of you with them.

10. Do chores. :-)

Sorry about the poor quality of the mosaics.  My computer and I weren't getting along so well this morning.


  1. Did your girls make the napkins? Very nice :)

  2. Yes, they made the placemats! And took about 15 photos of them too. :-) Wonder where they learned that from?

  3. Looks like you kept busy doing all kinds of fun things!
    So glad the weather cleared up for the second week!

  4. Sounds like a fun spring break!