I'm Free-motion Quilting!!!

Finally!  After 3 trips to the sewing machine shop and lots and lots of this...
It's finally working and I've got a start on Tessa's quilt!

I just thought I should add that I have done some free-motion quilting in the past on my little Kenmore machine but have been having a lot of trouble with tension on my new machine (which is made for quilting!).  No thread snapping anymore though just lots of playing with the tension.


  1. Way to go, Suzanne! I have yet to try free-motion quilting myself, but I'm getting closer and your post has inspired me. Also, love the quilt you are working on, colors and pattern. How wide are your strips?

  2. Good for you Suzanne! Your practice pieces look exactly how mine looked a few months ago. I'm curious, are you using a regular presser foot on your machine?

  3. So Glad to see the machine quilting is working out! Good things sometimes take alot of practice and figuring out. Nice log cabin variation you are creating too.

  4. That great Suzanne! Glad to see your machine is working good for you. I love the quilt to!

  5. Yay! Way to be stubborn and persistent about it! I am so curious about the quilting!

    1. Oops...that was a comment by Annette M. I thought you might be wondering who would come and check out your quilt...