First Day - 34 - Last Bit of Summer

The first day.  They had a good day, but I can't say the same for me.  The littlest decided to have the worst day ever.  Combined with the little sleep I had (insomnia, again) it wasn't the greatest day.  Just being real here.

He does like beets though. 

I turned 34 yesterday.  As much as I tried to skip my birthday, several lovely people didn't forget.  They all made me feel special. :-)

My sister's boyfriend made me this wonderful card.  I think he knows me quite well.  I love it!  Above is the front and below is what was on the inside.   (I cropped the personal message.)

 Pretty talented, don't you think?

 Last week I took my kids to Maan Farms.  It's a bit of an agritourism place.  I had my doubts that it would be too much fun, but the kids really enjoyed themselves and we spent more than 3 hours there.

 I think this one is for a whole family, not just the kids of one family... :-)  It was perfect for my 5!

And lastly a photo of my baby-loving daughter with her new cousin.  He's just so cute!

I have a list a mile long of things I want to get to in September.  Some of it is in the sewing room and some isn't.  Hopefully I can carve out some time to blog about it!


  1. Awww, I feel for you. I didn't have a great sleep either, and today was crazy busy. Kids had 1/2 a day and I promised my sister lots of baking for her grand opening, add an extra kid in the picture and I think you and I both had a so-so day.
    Hope tomorrow is better for you and your littlest. When is Carolin going to school?
    PS my kids were asking when you guys were coming over again!! Good memories.

  2. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love the birthday card! so cute.

  3. Happy Birthday! Wishing you God's blessings in the year ahead of you! I love that you have tomatoes growing on your front step. Enjoying your blog! Linda Tenhage, Grassie, ON

  4. The birthday card is phenomenal! Happy Birthday!

  5. I think you need to put that card in a frame and hang it in your sewing room :-)
    Karen K

  6. Awesome card :) Hope today's better for you!!

  7. I agree with Karen K - frame the picture and hang it up!!! It's so cute. I didn't realize Karen S. was your sister - we're almost related!!! haha. Happy Birthday by the way - you're such a youngin!!!
    E-mail me about the insomnia thing if you think about it - I have some tips. Been there, done that and it's no fun at all!!! Have a good day in God's hands.

  8. Just catching up on your blog and see that I missed your birthday - so Happy Belated Birthday to you!! Love the card, definitely something to frame in your craft room.