Pretty {little} Pouch Swap Sent

When I was assigned my partner for the PLPS my first reaction was "Oh yes, I get a fellow-Canadian!"  Shipping a pouch within Canada is much less expensive than anywhere else.

The pouch really doesn't photograph well.

But I admit that this was a hard swap for me this time.  I looked at my partners mosaic, her pinterest, her blog and just couldn't come up with an idea that I thought would work.  It doesn't help that I've been sleeping terribly so the creative part of my brain hasn't been working very well.

The lines were sewn with embroidery floss through my sewing machine, the stitching on the star is by hand.  And of course the paper piecing and applique is by hand too.

Then at the beginning of the month I received my pouch.  And to my surprise it was from my partner.  Yes, we had each other.  And the pouch she made me was amazing.

I wish I had done that fancy stitching in orange thread.

So not only did I have no good ideas, I now had this amazing pouch I had to match up to.  And I had signed up in the advanced category.  What was I thinking?!

As you can see, I did get the pouch finished and it's not bad.  I really feel that it could have been better.  You know that feeling?  But I had to just let it go and send it off and hope she likes it and uses it.

The D is her initial.  And her last name initial too.

She did request bikes in case you were wondering.

And that is the end of the story.  Will I sign up again?  Not sure, but not any time soon.


  1. Alisa...you must not be sleeping good because you can't see that it's BEAUTIFUL!!! Gorgeous...and if she asked for bikes, you hit the nail on the head! Love the color combo too!

  2. I love the colour combo too! Embroidery floss in your sewing machine...wouldn't have thought of that! And I love the orange zipper :)

  3. I love it and also, it never occurred to me that you can machine sew with embroidery floss!! Tell us more! The effect is awesome!

  4. Alisa, I love this! These colours are my one of my super favourite combos right now.
    I'm sure D.D.'ll love it too.
    Your swap partner is my s-i-l's sister in good ol' AB. Small world hey? :)

  5. And let me just say that I LOVE my new pouch! Thanks Alisa!

  6. It is simply beautiful! The color combination, the bicycles, the embroidery floss, everything is simply lovely! You did a wonderful job!!

  7. You did a fabulous job sewing the pouch, Alisa! It looks wonderful.:)