Tetris Quilt - the real photos and where it's going

So after finishing my quilt just in the nick of time I checked out Happy Quilting this morning to discover that I had won one of the grand prizes!

Thanks to Melissa for putting on a great quilt-along!  And to Intrepid Thread and Tetirs for the prizes!  (Yes, in addition to a fabric prize I get a little handheld Tetris game too.  My kids will love it!)

I made the quilt using mostly scraps and random fat quarters from my stash.  The binding is made with leftover strips of bias binding from making bibs and other things.

The backing has been sitting in my stash for a very long time and was given to me.  My girls think it is wonderful.  My boys think it it awful.  I am glad to use some of it up. Carolin actually wants me to make pj's out of it for her... :-)

I will be donating the quilt to our local Pregnancy Crisis Centre.  This is something close to my heart.  We have 5 children who are all loved.  Sometimes women are in situations that are less than ideal.  Some contemplate aborting their babies.  And because of the Crisis Pregnancy Centre and the counselling they get there, many women (and even girls) choose to keep their babies.  Most of the women get a care package when their baby is born and in it they get a quilt or knitted blanket.  (Those who need it get help for longer than that too.)

I'd also like to draw your attention to something else today too.  In Canada right now there is no law restricting abortion.  Every year hundreds of thousands of babies are aborted even up to 9 months gestation!  At the moment the law states that unborn babies aren't even human until they are born.  Crazy right?

Earlier this year, Stephen Woodworth, MP for Kitchener, ON put forward a motion asking that a study be done to define when human life really starts.  Motion 312, if passed, would establish a Parliamentary Committee to study Canada's 400 year old definition of a human being.  If the motion can be passed we can then go on to restrict or outlaw abortion all together!

If you are Canadian and believe that unborn babies are indeed human please contact your MP and the Prime Minister soon.  You can phone both of them or you can write them an email or letter.  If you don't have much time you can use Simple Mail to easily write an email.  Please don't delay as the vote is happening soon!  It's set for September 26.  Any questions, please ask in the comments or email me.

I'm also linking this quilt up to 100 Quilts for Kids over at Swim, Bike, Quilt.

Swim, Bike, Quilt


  1. The quilt is wonderful Alisa, and what a great cause.

  2. Great pictures - what a difference good light makes.

  3. Good for you - we donate various items to our local CPC a couple of times a year. In CO, USA babies are not considered human either. It's a travesty.

  4. It's a beautiful quilt and a wonderful idea to donate it to the crisis centre!

  5. Such a fun quilt - and congrats on being one of the winners!!

  6. Great quilt - congratulations! I sent a letter to my MP as well. Thanks for the reminder! And such a great cause to donate a quilt to - I should do something like that! ltenhage@gmail.com

  7. The quilt is lovely and is sure to be a blessing to the new mama who receives it!

  8. It's awesome! And so cool that you won a prize too! Congrats!

  9. I totally disagree with you on your stand about abortion - it is not the place of government to create laws to force ones choices over their own body. But I do applaud your choice to donate the quilt to a charity. And it is a very lovely and cheerful quilt that any mother and child can love!

    1. Dear Susan –

      I am sorry you disagree with me. I guess it all comes down to whether or not you think an unborn baby is human or not. I believe that an unborn baby is indeed human. In that case why is one human (the mother) allowed to murder another (the baby)?


  10. or let women have control over their own bodies and get the politicians out of my womb. old white men should not make those decisions. Just sayin'

  11. Ann, it's not the old white men who want to change the law. It's not starting with the politicians but with many (often young) Canadians who want to change the way things are. Women do have control over their own bodies, but they shouldn't have that right over the unborn.

  12. Tell that to a 14 y old whose 'boyfriend' has disappeared , parents have disowned , can't show herself at school. No. I want the say to do as I wish with my body. Women who want to continue pregnancies should be allowed to do so just as those who find themselves pregnant at a time when they are unable to care for a child properly should be able to make a free choice. The old white men are the majority of our politicians in Canada. No man should have a say in what I am able to do, in an area where they will never be tested. Women have fought too long and too hard for this reproductive freedom to give it away. Your quilt is fantastic and I am certain will be loved by whomever receives it.