Summer Sewing

I really didn't do much sewing this summer but a couple Saturdays ago I spent the whole day at a friend's house for a "day off".  It was wonderful!  We both had our babies with us so it wasn't completely kid free but they were very good for us.  I worked on the backing of my yellow/blue quilt (you'll notice that link takes you to a post a year and a half ago!!).
It's all layered and ready to quilt but I haven't gotten back to it since then.

While I was gone Conrad did a painting project with the kids!
They really enjoyed themselves and are excited to have their art work hanging on the wall :)

The girls and I also made some doll clothes this summer and I'll share those with you another time.


  1. The bento box quilt is looking great!! Nice work. And I just love the painting! Did they draw it first and then paint it, or plan it somehow? What a great family project.

  2. The back of the quilt looks really cool, Suzanne! I see that I even made it. Am I a destination? You can come back any time!

    The painting is really cool too. They are proud of it!

  3. That's neat that the back of the quilt is made up of where you got fabric from! The painting is great too...I hope it finds a place of honor in your house.:)

  4. Tell your kiddos that is a STUNNING painting - great job.