4 & 6 and more

This past Friday my little ones turned 4 & 6 years old.  As is becoming customary, I embellished a t-shirt for each of them.

Zachary's was done using knit fabrics.  He wasn't too happy that the 4 was on the side of the shirt.  He wanted it to be in the centre.  I'll keep that in mind for next year. :-)

He is quite happy to be four!

And Carolin is quite happy to be 6!

I couldn't find any plain t-shirts in the stores.  (I found many of the t-shirts to be quite ugly in stores right now.)  I used one that she had in her closet - a hand-me-down from someone I am sure!

This is the best I could do of the two of them together.  They had a great day!


We tried twice to have a baby on my s-i-l Kathy's birthday but we missed it twice! :-)  She had her birthday yesterday.  She had loved the pillow I made for her mom in December so I made one for her.  I do believe I am finished with Cathedral Windows now.  It turned out pretty well and she liked it.  The fabric is from the line Juggling Summer by Brigitte Heitland for Zen Chic.

And lastly, our children had their Spring Concert last week Friday. Here they are, all dolled up and looking fine.  I was thinking of writing a blog post called 'How not to sew dresses for your girls.'

Melissa's dress is new, one of the three I bought for my sister's upcoming wedding.  The sash will be replaced with a coral one for the wedding.  Deanna's dress was given to her just recently and it fits her perfectly and Carolin's dress is handed down from Deanna (though I did make it.)

  I did make a little jacket for Melissa as her dress is sleeveless.  It turned out okay, but Melissa doesn't really like it.  I used this pattern, which I adjusted quite a bit.  I was using a fabric that was not recommended and I landed up making a narrow bias binding to finish off the edges.  I also added the ruching on the sleeve and the bow.

I am sure I will use the pattern again, but probably for the winter with a stretch velvet or something.

So, that's what I have been up to lately!  My plans for this week...?  Up in the air still.  Shall I join in Kid's Clothes Week as I had planned, or do the things that are more pressing...?  Suzanne has got fabric, patterns and big plans - it would be fun to join her.  I'll think about it while I hang out my sheets in the fresh, sunshiny air!  Have a good week all of you!


  1. The comment about ugly shirts... So true! D is three and I find it almost impossible to find nice tee shirts for her. Skulls, peace signs, character tees, Justin Bieber (a size 4!!! what 4 yo would wear that!)... Not easy. I might have to join kids clothes week just to make her a few new shirts!
    And I love the Cathedral Window's pillow.

  2. The pillow looks great! And I love all the pictures of your kids :D

  3. Happy Birthday Zachary and Carolin!
    The pillow is beautiful...and so are your kids in their Spring finery:)

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday Carolin and Zachary!

    The pillow is fabulous...I love the fabrics that you used.:)

    'How not to sew dresses for your girls' would be a fun tongue in cheek post!lol

  5. I love that pillow Alisa! Beautiful work and gorgeous colours :)
    You kids are all beautiful too - precious gifts - they have the cutest smiles :)