Before and after...

My First Quarter Progress becomes my Second Quarter list!

Yep...I can't call this post First Quarter "Finishes" because I didn't actually finish anything on my list except for one item!  I made a lot of progress though and made a bunch of things that weren't started at the beginning of the quarter.  My original post it here.

she can quilt

#1 My dress.  My pile of fabric has changed to an organized pile of fabric with some seams in it :p.  I'm scared of it though so I can only seem to do a little bit at a time :) But...I...will...finish it soon!

#2 Scrappy Trip Along - Started with 3 blocks and now it's a completed top with 54!  My plan is to quilt it up this quarter.
insert picture that I can't get right now b/c I have 
no one to hold it for me and it's all wet outside with new snow(!!)

#3 Doll shirt and leggings - didn't get back to doll clothes making at all and not sure I feel like it for the next while either so this one goes off for the second quarter

#4 Bind change pad and finish crib sheet.  My one and only finish!

#5 Grandchildren cross-stitch - Before/After.  I decided to make 10 more hearts - 4 of which are already claimed!  I'll keep stitching away on this one.  I'd love to hang it up at my parents when we go there this summer.

#6 Two doll quilts and pillow sets. Anneke finished the blue one and is working on stitching the binding down on the second. 
Not sure where the other pillow went
#7 Quilted Runner for the girls room.  It's now quilted and just needs the binding put on :)  This'll be a quick finish this quarter.  I'm hoping to quilt my Scrappy Trip Along like this so this runner was good practice.

A few things to add to my list for the second quarter:

#8 Sunday clothes for the girls.  I've got some ideas swimming around in my head but I have to finish some of the above before I let myself start!

#9 Something secret for my dear sister who's getting married :)

#10, 11, 12...things that I know will come up that are unknown to me now!


  1. Great list, Suzanne! I had to laugh at the numbers 10, 11 and 12!! While you are busy stitching the cross stitch, I am sure others will be busy trying to fill those spaces. :-)

  2. Love to see it on my wall.