KCW so far...

This week I've been sewing for the kids (well one kid so far!) and joining in with the Spring session of Kids Clothes Week.

On day 1 I cut out patterns and tried to figure out which fabric to put where on each of the three dresses.

By day 3 I had the bodice of Sophie's dress finished...

And today on day 5 it looks like this...

I have to hand sew the bodice lining down, hem it and make a sash/ribbon for the waist.  

It's taking me a while but I'm trying to be careful and do a good job.  Plus, we finally have nice weather here so we've been outside lots!  The snow is finally gone (except for the piles in the shady spots)!!!


  1. Way to go - your getting there. I think it will look nice and finished with the sash. Sophie likes it!

  2. The dress is beautiful! What pretty fabric. And, she looks quite pleased with it.

  3. Lovely weather to "play" outside trumps sewing inside any day! The dress is beautiful. I love the lace overlay/apron.:)

  4. What a pretty dress. The lace overlay is the perfect addition. Love it!