Gearing up for Kids Clothes Week

Kids Clothes Week is next week and I'm joining in on the fun!
I've been thinking about dresses for my girls for the last little while and have all kinds of things swirling around in my head. The other night I visited with a friend and came up with a pattern idea for each girl.

This friend has an Ottobre subscription so it was fun looking through them all!  The middle drop waist one is from a Dutch Knippie magazine so I'll be looking for a similar pattern for that one (any recommendations?).

These are the fabrics! I went last night to Fabricland with the idea to use solid/print/lace with a vintage look. It's hard to find fabric when you have an idea in your head already but I'm liking what I found - a lot!
From left to right: Challis, Crepe, Denim Shirting and Voile
So many fabrics I haven't worked with before but hopefully it'll all come together :)


  1. Those dresses should be so pretty!

  2. Can't wait to see the dresses!

  3. What great plans! The dresses will be lovely.:)

  4. You know, I have a bunch of Knippies here and I sew out of them just fine. All you need is basic garment construction knowledge and once you cut out the pieces, it's pretty easy. And here's a link for Dutch sewing terms translated to English https://www.box.com/s/43oevmk8zv/1/11293837/143197047/1 .
    I love Ottobre and Knippe.