Finish Along - Quarter 2

For the months of April - June I have compiled quite a list.  Part of my list are some quilts I would like to finish.  And then I went ahead and made a list of sewing goals and some home improvement goals.  I found that my goals in the first quarter really helped me stay on track and actually work on things that I want to finish.  First up, the quilting goals.

#1 - String Quilt.  This quilt is a collaboration between my girls (8 & 10 yrs) and myself.  So far, alot of the sewing has been done by them.  They pressed all of the scraps, and stitched the blocks.  I cut the bases for them and stitched the finished blocks together.  This is half of the size they would like it to be, so we have a ways to go. 

#2 - Quilt for Pro-life.  Here's the front...

... and the back.

#3 - Quilt for K and W.  It's a secret so I won't show you anything until it's finished!

I also have a few home improvement projects I would very much like to get finished before the end of June.  
#1 - Paint the kitchen and family room.
#2 - Paint my table.

And then, on to the big sewing list.
#1 - Bias binding for shop (it's getting low again.)
#2 - 6-8 Sleep Sacks
#3 - Pillow for my s-i-l
#4 - leggings for C
#5 - Dress for D (though I am rethinking this.  She just got a perfectly good dress from someone.  I might wait until summer and make her a sundress instead.)
#6 - Dressy top for M
#7 - Sundress for C
#8 - Pants for Z
#9 - Birthday shirts for C and Z
#10 - Sashes for girl's dresses
#11 - Dress for Me (yes!)
#12 - Table runners for K & W's wedding
#13 - Something with fabrics from Suzanne

I hope to tackle the sewing for the kids during Kids Clothes Week (April 22 - 27).  If you have some kids clothes that you'd like make then join in the fun!

This list is mostly for me.  As I mentioned, I found it really helped to have some 3 month goals.

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  1. It is good to make lists!
    Your Pro-Life quilt is wonderful and the quilt that you are making with your girls? Oh, how they'll treasure that knowing it was made with mom. How fun!

  2. Love the string quilt! How cool that you are doing it with your girls! Perhaps more than a mental list of projects would be good for me as well. Thanks for the idea : )

  3. Love the quilt your girls are making! Lots of things on your list...I'll be cheering you on :)