Baby Change Pads

Since the change table is in the master bedroom I didn't want to make the change pads too 'baby' looking but rather matching our own quilt and decor.

I did some improv piecing using scraps of said quilt and other orange, blue and gray.  I used two layers of batting and then tried some fun quilting.  And bound in my usual way with a bias binding and rounded corners.

The back.  You can see I need some more practice on those swirls.  It sure was fun to try something different on a smaller project.

In our previous home we had a large bathroom counter and lots of cupboard space so we didn't need a change table.  Now we have more bathrooms but with very small counters.  So I picked this change table up used and it's been working well.


  1. these are so nice and so practical all at the same time

  2. I love them! Makes diaper changes a happy time :)