Things are falling into a rhythm of sorts here.  I'm staying home taking care of my two youngest while the others go off to work and school.  We've been spoiled with meals and care and I feel that has really helped with my emotional well being.  The sun streaming through my window as I write this helps too! 

My brother-in-law, Will took some photos of Joshua when he was 9 days old.  This was after the baptism in my parents family room.  We were working with a baby who was just about to get really hungry and fading light.  I think he got a few really good shots!

Here's me, tired but happy. :-)

And a pretty good shot of the whole family.  We are blessed!

Thanks for reading our blog!  I still have photos of things I want to blog about so you might see me pop in here later this week.  Depending on the baby of course. :-)


  1. Beautiful pictures....you look GREAT...and so does the rest of the family ;)

  2. Alisa, that baby has got to be the sweetest, most precious thing ever! I love the photos of him and of the whole family. You are blessed. :)

  3. these are beautiful pictures...you have a really lovely family. what a sweet little addition

  4. You have a wonderful family! Enjoy!

  5. That second picture of the little rooting baby with squooshy wrinkles...*swoon!* Gorgeous family!