Dress #2 - for me!

I made this pattern once before, and because it fit so well I wanted to make it again. I paid $15 for the fabric (including lining) and a couple of dollars for the zipper, so this is a $17 dress that fits me great!
Worn today with a scarf I made on my daughter's knitting loom and a (very old, missing a button) grey cardigan.
I'm not super happy with the sleeve caps.  So hard to ease the sleeves in without getting "puff" sleeves.  I also made them about 1.5" narrower down the length because they were really boxy.  I still don't love the sleeves, so I like it better with a cardigan.
Very happy with the fit!
The neckline without a scarf.  A little boring without - I'd have to wear a necklace or something when it's warmer.
The zipper...I had trouble with it on this dress.  I took it out a couple of times and it still bubbles a bit but not enough to bother me.  The top of the zipper is funky too with little "mountains" on each side of the zipper pull.  I didn't give the pull enough room at the top, so somehow it's pulling the seam allowances in and making it sit funny.  Nothing a scarf can't hide ;)
And it's fully lined!  I debated on whether to attempt lining it but I knew it would sit way nicer and not crawl up my leggings if I did.  When the bemberg lining went on sale at Fabricland for $3/meter, I decided I really should and I'm so happy I did!  I used this tutorial from Sewaholic to help me wrap my head around how to add the lining.


  1. It looks good on you!! And it looks comfy too.

  2. So cute and funky. I love it!

  3. Nice! :) I love the pic of the lining too - it looks perfect!

  4. Pretty! I like the shape of the dress, it's very flattering!

  5. OK, this is super cool. Perfect silhouette, and the skirt fabric is wonderful for it. :)

  6. Cute dress! This style looks great on you. (I love seeing the photos of the inside of the dress, too).