Sisters' Fat Quarter Challenge

Last summer when our whole family was together six of our eight sister and sister-in-laws made a trip to Hamels.  We all bought the same fat quarter and our challenge was to make something with it before the end of the year.  So fun!  Here are our projects...
A diaper and wipes case.  First time zipper for this sil!
After a trial and error project this sil made this adorable doll sleeping bag and pillow.
Another first time zipper in this pouch.
Alisa's double-sided table runner has a few pieces in it.
A mug rug and cup cozy given as a gift.
Oven mitts that gave a lot of grief but turned out fabulous!
So much fun seeing what everyone came up with! Have you ever done a challenge like this?

One more...can you find a few pieces in Joshua's new quilt?
So wishing I could hop over and snuggle this little guy right now!


  1. Nice summary! And no, I hadn't noticed the ones in Joshua's quilt.

  2. All the projects look great. I'm in love with Comma but never actually added it to my stash.