Elise Doll and a Giveaway!

Isn't she cute?

I just finished testing this Elise doll pattern for Beatrix at Kindershop Online. It's the first time I've ever made a stuffed "anything" but it worked fairly well. The pattern is very detailed with good instructions and a picture with every step. I had a bit of trouble getting the arms and legs to stay in place when I sewed it all together but if I make it again that would go much smoother.

I added the little sleeves and used felt with an orangey glow because it's for our almost one year old with "red" hair. :) I also hope to make her (our daughter) a dress to match which I'll post later when I have it done and we give it to her for her birthday.

On to the Giveaway...

Beatrix has offered a PDF pattern for one of you lovely people!! Leave a comment letting us know where you're commenting from and I'll pick a winner on Tuesday evening.

Here she is with all her "stuffy" friends (picture complements of my 6 year old).


  1. Elise... what a pretty name and what a cute doll! I have done the Molly Monkeys from mmmcrafts (she has a free pattern to download) and also had a lot of trouble with those pesky arms and legs stuffed inside! I would love to win a free pattern for another stuffed friend.
    I am commenting from the not so cold and chilly (at least not nearly as cold as you!!)land of Grimsby, Ontario. We still have not had any snow - my kids are quite upset about this fact and are wondering if winter will EVER get here!

  2. Wow, my daughter would absolutely LOVE for me to make her one of those dolls! I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for this one! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  3. That is really cute doll! Can't wait S. carrying it with her matching dress. :)

  4. this is such a great giveaway. and your little doll is so adorable....

  5. What a cute doll! I've done a similar one from Martha Stewart's website - Black Apple Doll. It was fun as well.

    I'm commenting from Smithville, ON.


    PS - Hi Lisa, funny bumping into you here!

  6. Lovely doll! I'd love a go at the pattern!

    Patricia from Madrid (but currently in Montreal) :)

  7. Hahahaha... too funny! :)
    Cute pic with all the other stuffies!
    Tricia, St. Albert, AB

  8. You were one of the lucky ones...I was too late to test! It turned out very adorable. My 2 year old would love one! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Mama Lusco from Eastern Oregon

  9. The doll is very cute. I especially like how you dressed her!
    I am reading your blog from MA.

  10. Great job! My girls would love some of these!

  11. Hello from Toronto, ON, Canada! That's such a cutie little doll! My little cousin would love to have one of them!

  12. So cute! My daughter would love one of these dolls. I'm from British Columbia.

  13. very very cute!
    ilove the fabric you chose for your doll
    i am from israel
    and i would love to make one for my 6 year old

  14. Such an adorable doll. My neice would love a doll like that!
    I'm in Napanee, Ontario.

  15. hello ladies...I'm from this winter wonderland in BC. Cute doll!

  16. The doll is adorable Suzanne! I think I recognize her froggy friend too. :) I'm in London, but you already know that. ;)

  17. Hi Suzanne,
    I thought I'd finally let you know that I'm following your blog. I love to sew as well but don't always find the time and motivation to do it. You can see some of my projects featured from time to time on my blog (www.bristowcreek.blogspot.com
    I love that doll!
    Laura M.

  18. Oh this doll pattern is adorable! With two little girls living in this house, we could definaely make use of this pattern!!