Kitchen: Before and After Photos

Last week we painted the kitchen!  So excited to be rid of the chicken and rooster border and burgundy walls.  The kitchen is much brighter!

First a couple of before photos.  I didn't actually take any photos before I started but here are a few from the past couple of years to give you an idea.

See the corner cabinet in this photo?  It wasn't ugly or anything but it really cut into our eating area.  We took it out and it has made a huge difference.

You can't see the ugly border on the top but you can see the burgundy walls and the (ugly) vertical blinds in the window.

We tried to be as frugal as possible in this home improvement.  The gray shelf was one of the black shiny shelves in the rec room.  I sanded it down and painted it gray (left over from our bedroom frames.)

Took down the ugly blinds and put up this colourful topper!  I love it.

It matches my new mini quilt!

The light fixture.  We were all set to buy a new one because the old one was u-g-l-y.   Imagine a white and brass light fixture with a knot in the cord.  Gord tried spray paint.  And though it's still not gorgeous, it looks so much better than it did.  And it cost $6.

And that's our kitchen redo.  Nothing glamorous, but it sure feels like 'my' kitchen now.  It only took 2 years!


  1. Lovely, Alisa. Really like the overall feel. Love your little mini quilt. What color did you use on the walls?

  2. The burgundy walls were definitely oppressive, Alisa. Great job, it look much more spring like! : )

  3. Alisa, it looks SO great...it's amazing how much extra room you get from removing a small corner cupboard! Wishing I was coming today to check it out in person! Soon, I hope!

  4. Looks nice! It's amazing how much a change of color on the walls can make a space look completely different.

  5. Thank you ladies for you comments on my kitchen! Aunt Nell, I never thought of it that way, but yes, when you compare the before and after, the burgundy was quite oppressive.

  6. It looks really nice Alisa! So much brighter! :)

  7. you did a fabulous job - so much brighter and fresher looking : )