A couple of gifts

I've been making a few gifts here and there. It's always fun because they're little projects that don't take much time but I'm still playing with fabric :)

A bib and ball for a baby gift. The ball tute came from Grand Revival Designs.
This next one is the gathered clutch from Noodlehead. I've seen it on a couple blogs and thought it would be fun to make for my secret sister :)
This inside...the lining warped a little (mental note: "use pins Suzanne - they have a purpose!")  You don't notice as much in real though, the camera's not usually flashing :)

I also made a couple of skirts for twins - friends of my daughter - but I forgot to take a picture before giving them away!


  1. I love the bib and ball! And the clutch is a great SS gift.

  2. That ball is so cute!! I love the polka dot fabric :)

  3. You better hope your S.S. doesn't read your blog :)