Flower Girl 'Muslin'

Back in March I made a 'muslin' for the flower girl dress. It's taken me till now to take a photo and post it. (I didn't have a red shirt to put under it and it looked funny without.)

It's a good thing I made a muslin, as the dress was way to big to be worn without anything under it. She is 3 but she is very slim.

It is a cute pattern. The skirt is cut A-line and then has pleats. But for the actual flower girls dress I gathered the skirt so it would be more 'poofy'.

My girl loves her flip flops and wears them everywhere. I think it's funny that she can actually walk in them!


  1. It may turn out to be a good thing that the muslin was a bit too big. Now you can layer long-sleeved T's and leggings under it for fall and/or spring even if she's outgrown it by next summer! :-) The dress is beautiful...and the flower girl dress turned out absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Very cute!

    See you tomorrow!!!!

  3. Adorable! I so want to make some dresses for my lil girl but I'm very hesitant..... Love the dress and the model is super sweet!