Mending Week: Suzanne's finishes

I didn't get my whole list done but the stuff I did I'm very pleased with :)  To start off I'll tell you I'm horrible at mending...so horrible in fact that I've barely ever done it because it will sit in a pile so long that by the time I get to it, it doesn't fit anyone anymore! For example, last winter my husband lost a button on his jacket and kindly asked me to fix it. Over the months I was asked, hinted at and asked again but I kept forgetting or giving excuses. Finally, a couple of months into this past winter I put one on (good thing he doesn't grow anymore)!  Long story short...I was thankful for this week because I actually got some things fixed!

Leggings became shorts great for under dresses!  Although she came home the first day from school without them on - she said it was too hot - I tried to explain what being modest was...and they stayed on the next time she wore them :)
And in addition to the knee patches I did, I made two pairs of pants into shorts, fixed the ruffle on the pink shirt and sewed the overlapping front by the buttons closed on the dress because it never sat properly and they don't need to be opened.

There's still time to link up if you've done some mending this week! We'll be back on Monday!

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