Mending Week: Reward Yourself

Now that you have most of that mending finished, reward yourself!

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Above All Fabric

Just wanted to post this photo of a quilt that Christephi from Sprouting Flowers has been mending this week. It looks like a huge job, but certainly a worthwhile one!

"My grandma made this quilt before I was born (that puts it at almost 30 years old). I am her first grandchild, the child of her firstborn, so I can just imagine she was excited and eager to make up a whole bunch of things for the new baby! The quilt is about crib size. It was sewn by hand, at least the appliques and embroidery bits were; I don't think it was ever actually "quilted." Over the years bits of the stitching have come undone until some of the appliqued bits have fallen off. I have had them safely laid aside for several years now, but it is time to unearth them and mend the quilt so it can once again wrap up a sweet baby."

Take a look at what she's accomplished on it so far.

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