Mending Week: Before and Afters

Hello there, again. How is your mending going? I am moving along at a pretty good pace and only have a couple of things to cross of my list.

Haven't started yet? Don't worry, you still have lots of time. Feel free to join us if you've just heard about Mending Week. There are even some prizes. Just start mending and blog about it between Thursday and Saturday. We'll have a Mr. Linky up starting Thursday. All the details are on this post.

So tonight I'll post a few before and after photos. Tomorrow, look for another tutorial. It's another good one!

Before (pyjama pants)


Close-up of buttonhole stitch. I like it.



Before it was a nice hoodie sweatshirt that I bought at a garage sale. Benjamin didn't like the sleeves because they had no cuffs.

After it has cuffs. It looks good and he pretends he doesn't like it (because he never likes new clothes), but he will.

See you tomorrow!