Little Quilt's Adventures at the Ranch

A few weeks ago we went out to my b-i-l's little ranch out in Meritt. I took this little quilt along for the ride. (I was sewing the binding down on the way up.)

So, why not do a photo shoot with my little quilt? I only wish I had a larger quilt to take photos of while I was there. There are many beautiful places to take photos.

Blowing in the breeze. You can see Highway 1 in the background on the hill. For those of you who care.

Close-up of the quilting. Just my basic meandering. One day I'll venture out. The squares were cut at 2.25 inches, finishing at 1.75 inches. Quite small, but not overly so. I cut them that size based on the size of my scraps.

I gave this table quilt to my mother-in-law. She likes it, so I am happy.

It's almost summer break for the kids. I am so ready for it! Though the weather has been cool and wet here, today it is sunny and it makes me look forward to camping with my sister and her family!

Thanks for reading everyone!


  1. It's sunny here too today and then I get excited for camping too!!

    cute little quilt - great stash buster for those little bits :)

  2. Lovely!! I made my first little quilt last year--this makes me want to try another!

  3. This looks lovely! Isn't it fun to pose our quilts?