6 Months and a Skirt for Me

I had it in my head that I wanted a white tiered skirt for the summer. It was a fun experience even though I ended up going to Fabricland 4 times in total! I used a gauze fabric and lined it with broadcloth.  The lining isn't tiered - just a basic A-line shape.  The skirt is super comfortable.  The only thing I'm slightly unhappy about is that the lining rides up around my hips a bit and get stuck under the skirt so you can see a white line if I don't straighten it out.  I don't think it bothers me enough to change it though :)  The lace was a later decision and I love it!
For the waist I dipped the front down 11/2" (probably could've done 2) and made a knit waistband about 4" wide. I ended up slipping a wide elastic into it so it didn't feel like it was falling off.
I definitely don't like self-portraits - can you tell?!?  But here I am at 6 months pregnant :)
My camera is not very good and has a really hard time photographing white!


  1. How is it that you are already 6 months along? That went quickly (for me! ha ha ha). You look great. I hate the camera as well.

  2. Your belly is so cute. :) Are you just lucky and your belly button doesn't stick out when you're pregnant? Did you make your shirt or buy it?

  3. i love the skirt!!! it is perfect for summer and you look so great. what a great belly!!!

  4. You look great! And the skirt is really cute too!

  5. I think you look beautiful! :)
    Karen Marie