Little Bits

Just some little bits of sewing I've been sneaking in. And a few other bits too. Hope you are all having a good weekend. At the moment many of my fellow Canadians may be watching the Canucks. Right now it's 2-1 for Boston. Hopefully that turns around. :-)

Not sure if I've posted this bib yet. Just recently gave it to someone for their baby girl.

My brother and his wife just had a baby. I gave him the bib but I would still like to make something else. It'll be after the big move.

I tried my hand at a few little pouches. The one above is full of goodies for my sister who just turned 19!

I tried this box pouch using the tutorial here. The tutorial is good but I'm not sure I like this shape too much. The above pouch is actually the second one I made. I added a little handle to it.

Gave this one to another friend on her birthday. She even has a perfect use for it so I'm pleased.

A little dress and diaper cover for a sweet little girl who is turning 1. The dress is Simplicity 5118 and the diaper cover is from a tutorial at MADE. I just love a quick project that turns out cute!

Sports Day was on Friday! It was a beautiful day and the kids have so much fun! Just showing you the back of Deanna's PE shirt. After Benjamin losing 2 shirts in a very short period of time I decided to put our last name on the back of all the shirts. That way they can get passed down in our family but the name will stay the same. I used freezer paper to make a template then painted over it. The only thing is that I couldn't reuse the template over and over. It would just get very messy. So I had to cut out the template multiple times. Tedious! I actually did this project in January but haven't had the chance to photograph it until now. If you want to know how to make freezer paper templates you can see another tutorial at MADE.

Lastly, we are packing! The kids are having fun with the boxes. If you live local and have boxes, please let me know.

It's now tied 2-2!

They won!


  1. Cool idea for the PE shirts :) Great pouches too. I must make some! Zips scare me a little though.

  2. Lots of fun little projects! They all look great. The little dress and bloomer are so cute!

  3. Wow! You have been busy. Good luck with the move. I hope it goes smoothly for you!