Welcome to my new Sewing Room

Come on in! I'm excited to show you my new sewing room. I even have an extra chair in the closet and space at my table so we can sew together.

My cutting table. It's an old banquet table from our church. Very sturdy (and pink!)

My sewing desk. This is a freebie from a real estate office that went out of business. The chair was a freebie too. Bet you can't tell. :-)

The filing cabinet is full of fabrics. Knits, Denim, Flannel and thrifted sheets. On top of the filing cabinet is my mending pile and ironing pile. The closet has my batting an extra chair and the vacuum cleaner. Fat Quarters and small cuts are in the pop bottle crates. I love looking at those!

Beyond the filing cabinet is my design wall.

My ironing station. Under the table are my scrap bins and patterns.

My bulletin board and thread rack.

I feel blessed to have my own sewing room. It's upstairs so it has lots of light and I'm close to my family when I sew. And, in the winter I can actually sew without wearing shoes and a coat to keep warm! I've already been in there a little bit. I'll show you what I've been up to soon!


  1. Lucky you! That looks like a terrific space! I have to wear shoes and a coat to sew in my space in the middle of winter so I know what you are talking about!

  2. Wow! Looks great! I love the pop bottle crates as storage!

  3. Wow!! It looks wonderful!! And I'll take you up on the offer of the extra chair in a week or two...I can't wait!!!!

  4. Hello Alisa
    Your sewing room looks wonderful.Love the light coming in through the windows. Have fun.
    Happy days.

  5. Thats really exciting! Love it! Enjoy your new space :)

  6. Looks like you have lots of creative space to work with!! Can't wait to see it one day ....

  7. How exciting! Hope the move went well!

  8. What a great space! I too have a sewing room upstairs. It makes such a difference. Mainly because I can sneak in there throughout the day and no one feels abandoned. And I can leave the mess out! Happy Sewing :)

  9. Deffinately coming over on Monday!! I can't wait! Sorry Suzanne I'm going to beat you over there! :) Karen Marie

  10. nice! Enjoy your new sewing space.