Last day of school!!

And I don't know who's more excited - the kids or me!  I can't believe another school year is done but we are so ready for holidays over here.  No early mornings unless we want too, no making lunches and no schedule!  I know that by the end of August I'll be ready for routine again but right now I'm ready for none :)

I copied one of Alisa's ideas and made pouches for the kids teachers and bus driver.  I used a tutorial from Noodlehead but changed up the front on two of them.  Very easy and fun to make!

And just a couple of pictures of what was going on here last week.  It was wet and rainy so I had to spend some time in my sewing room :)

A new floor!  So much nicer and easier to keep clean than the white carpet that was here!


  1. Nice pouches! Are you going to take a photo of what the front entrance looks like now with the bookshelf gone and the new tile? Just curious how that looks. :-)

  2. Yea for Summer! The pouches are great but I really love the new floor! Wood? Laminate? Please share the details. I've been coveting ripping our nasty old carpet out for several years so I'm always curious about others new floors.

  3. i love that new floor!!! what a great dark color. the pouches are such a great teacher gift!!!