Patchwork blankets made by Anneke and Lukas

We started these blankets back in Spring Break but didn't get them finished.  Anneke finished hers about a month ago and Lukas did a couple weekends ago when we had a holiday Monday.
They went through my flannel drawer and chose the fabrics they wanted.  It was fun seeing what they were drawn too.

This is Anneke's.  She didn't want anything to do with big prints and this is what she ended up with.  Very soft and feminine.
And here's Lukas'. The funniest comment came from him as I was winding a bobbin. He said, "Wow...it sounds like a machine!!" We had a good chuckle over that one :)
I cut the squares for them.  They had fun laying them out on the ground, figuring out what layout would work and they sewed all the squares together.  Because it wasn't going to be quilted I topstitched about an 1/8" away from the seam lines securing the seam allowances.  I also helped them pin the rows together and make the backing.
These are the backs.  We just did it pillowcase style and then they both chose a fancy stitch to top stitch with.
We just did it pillowcase style and then they both chose a fancy stitch to top stitch with.  Anneke used a flower one.
And Lukas chose turtles.  They didn't work out that great, partially because of the layers and seam allowances and partly because Lukas was guiding it and it goes back and forth so much it's hard not to pull.  I still think they're cute.
This was Lukas' first time using the sewing machine and Anneke's second.  They did a great job!

Oh...and they've decided that if the new baby is a girl then it can use Anneke's blanket and if it's a boy then Lukas'.  :)


  1. Very, very fun! They will be proud to see this blog post, I'm sure. Way to go Anneke and Lukas. Keep it up!

  2. these are amazing. they did such an awesome job

  3. Cute! I knew that polka dot looked familiar, but couldn't think of what I had (not diapers, blankets or wipes. Hmmm.) I remembered just as I saw the last pic where I've seen those polka dots before. They're in storage for now. :)

  4. Wow, they look great finished! Good for them!