So much to do...

...but I can't seem to finish anything!  So I made a list!
I've got way to many things on the go at once and too many things I want to do.  Lists work for me when I do housework so I'm hoping to be crossing some things off shortly!


  1. Lists work even better for quilting -- it's so satisfying to get things done and cross them off!

  2. You'd better get a move on girlie! That's one huge list. :-) I find it does work though. Otherwise you might aimlessly wander in your sewing room wondering what to work on. Or even worse, waste your free hour on the computer. Not that I've ever done that... :-)

  3. After I got home yesterday, I was thinking of all the "wants" on my sewing list in my head. I really should get them down on paper, but I tend to just do a more fly-by-seat-of-pants-whim sewing, instead of planning. :)

    Looks ambitious! Are you going to put dates with them?