Alisa Comes Clean

All right, I've taken photos so the whole world can see.  I have so many WIP's it's weighing me down.  I'd really like to get some of these finished and out of my sewing room.  I also have to admit that I gave away most of my orphan blocks (those that didn't make it into a quilt or 20), an unfinished table runner that's been sitting around for way to many years and various scraps that I'll never use.  Ah, that feels good!  Now onto the WIP's that I should finish.

Several unfinished bibs.

A bucket hat, cut out.

Remember when buntings were new and exciting.  About 5 years ago.  That's when I cut this one out.  Pretty pathetic, I know.

Remember when I did a series on sewing with knits.  A year and a half ago.  This is a half finished shirt from then.  I made a mistake and then didn't finish it.

Cut out a dress for Melissa last fall.  I'll be happy if this fits Deanna now.

A reusable shopping bag that I wanted to personalize.

Several baby balls cut out.  I haven't finished them because I ran out of the polyester stuffing.  I'm planning to buy a bag of it next week when I'm at Joann's.

Handkerchief Quilt.  Started this probably 3 years ago.  I'd like to get it finished for this summer to picnic on.

Not technically a WIP I guess as it has only been thought about.  I have this piece of fabric I'd like to make a pillow with to match the quilt I made last year.

Found this in my cleaning up.  I made a quilt for Melissa over 6 years ago in all purples.  This block didn't make the cut.  I'd like to make a little throw pillow for her bed with it.

Besides what I've shown you, I have 3 baby quilts in progress, fabric for Zachary's twin-size quilt, 2 items of clothing to re-purpose into other clothing and about 7 items on my mending pile.  And ideas for oh about 11, 186 more items.  If feels great to have that all confessed.  Now on to other exciting things.

I joined my first bee this year.  And I am so excited about it.  This month it is Leah's turn.  She chose a randomly pieced block and sent the fabrics to us.  I made this one and also a small one with the extra little bits.  I'm not much of a random quilter, but it wasn't too hard to come up with something.  Hope you like it, Leah!

As I mentioned, I've been tidying my sewing room.  I've just finished folding all my half yard and larger pieces.  These piles sure make me happy!

Even colour coordinated somewhat!

These are my FQ shelves in organizational progress.  I've got a box and a bag of stuff ready to give to the BFM Thrift Store.  Feels good!

How about you?  Do you dare take an account of your WIP's?  Do you have deep dark secrets in the sewing room too? :-)


  1. How about a giant tub of my father-in-law's T-shirts from running races that I'm going to "turn into something"..."when I learn to sew with knits." Maybe I should revisit that series you did while you finish up the shirt. ;) I vaguely recall it the first time around and I certainly had the T-shirts then.

  2. Congratulations, Alisa! It takes some bravery to admit to all of your WIPs including pictures! I look forward to seeing these projects come together.

  3. I had forgotten about that picnic quilt! I love it. And all those piles of fabric look so good. This post makes me want to make a list of all my WIPs.

  4. Love all the piles of fabric in your stash! I have a number of WIPs - mostly baby/lap quilts that are pieced or even basted but not quilted, even one that just needs the binding - for about 3 years now! anne

  5. What great timing for this post! I'm in the midst of organizing and making my home clutter free. I've worked on my craft room as well and have made great strides in there but the smaller details need to be worked out yet. For me it will be organizing paper and paper scraps rather than fabric (I did the fabric already). Have fun finishing off all those projects... I especially like the handkerchief quilt, what a great idea :-)

  6. I will admit that I was a bit if a fabric/project hoarder until one day I decided to just let it go --- (it took a looonng time to finally reach that point, though!) Now I am not afraid to give "old" projects to good homes and admit that I will never finish them! I take scraps/ fabrics I don't love/ Lonely blocks/ watever to my quilt club ladies each month. Between the 12 of them it all goes to good homes. I've also made a scrap bin for my kids to use. They cut the fabric in a million tiny pieces while thinking they are creating a masterpiece. I feel way less bogged down with wip's now. (though I still have too many!). But I just decided that the world would not end if I didn't finish every project I started. It was liberating!!

  7. The neatly stacked fabric is so pretty to look at! You are brave for sharing the UFOs. My pile is fairly tame...2 dresses (one cut out and one smocked) and a blouse for M. There is also a quilt I started 10 years ago. The blouse is tomorrow's project, not sure when I will get to the other 3.