Snow Days and Small Things

Last week my kids were home from school every single day. Yup, every single day. We had snow, snow, snow and then ice rain. 68 cm of the white stuff and this week it's all gone, except for the piles.

It's kind of odd. I like having my children home on the weekends and during Christmas Break, Spring Break and Summer Holidays. But somehow when they are home when their not supposed to be it's not as much fun. I had to do some introspection on that one and I think I know why. When they have school holidays I usually prepare myself mentally and also plan for some fun things to do. I don't expect to get my housework finished perfectly or have time to sew or do other projects. But when it's unexpected I'm not prepared and thus I don't like it.  Terrible isn't it? Or do you understand where I'm coming from? Anyway, it wasn't a terrible week, just a little boring for the kids (we obviously didn't go anywhere) and not very productive for me.

Little Miss Carolin posing for me.
I did manage to do a bit of sewing between putting on snow clothes, taking them off, putting them on, taking them off again.

Change pads for the church nursery.  This fabric has been in my stash for quite a few years.  I got it from my s-i-l.  It was left behind in a house they moved into.  I love the blue and yellow combination.  It's cheery!

Bias binding.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love it!

 Bibs - I have to make 8 for a gift shop and a whole bunch for baby gifts.  Pattern here.

Scraps make great bibs.

Terrible photos, but I made the quilt block that's been sitting in my pile for over 6 years into a pillow for Melissa's bed.

She loves it!

The end.


  1. I completely understand!! I feel the same way when the kids are home when not expected. And I think you are right, it's because we aren't mentally prepared and prepared with projects and activities. I've been trying to stash some craft ideas for a snow day for just this reason.

  2. I definitely know where you're coming from! Looks like you still managed to be productive though.:)

  3. You guys sure got tons of snow compared to us! we had one snow day and the roads where fine , it was confusing. I enjoyed the lazy day though. I love your bibs. I need to learn how to do snaps, and magnetic buttons really bad. Anyways i started a blog again , i missed blogging to much :) http://maddisworldcrafts.blogspot.com/

  4. i love the small things, they make me feel so productive...like my mug rugs. Your little changing mats are such a great idea!

  5. Great finishes! Hope you're getting more time with some fabric this week!