Sewing with the Kids

The kids are back in school today after a two week break.  Over the holidays (and here and there over the past months) we were able to do a bit of sewing together!

One day Anneke had a friend over and we made headbands together.  This was her friends first time using the sewing machine - she was pretty excited.  The felt flowers are made using this tutorial and the pattern for the headband is here.  We attached the flowers using my new snap pliers :)  (Yes, after Alisa raved about hers Kamsnaps had, and still has, a sale so I bought one too - I love it!)
 The girls had fun picking there own fabrics from my scraps.  The middle one is my favorite.
excuse the wrinkled backdrop - I quickly grabbed a receiving blanket and snapped the picture as A's friend was leaving

Tessa also got to sew for the first time! She sewed up her froggy that we had ready to go for a long time. Anneke sewed hers quite a few months ago and I had made one for Sophie so this was long in coming for Tessa. She loved the fact that she could sew but now I have to watch her because she thinks she can go sew by herself!
I couldn't find Anneke's froggy for the photo shoot :)
Template for the froggy is here

And lastly Tessa and Anneke made this simple scarf for Sophie. So easy but very cute!

One more picture because I just love it!


  1. Very cute. I don't see much snow in the back ground!!

  2. That's great that the older girls are taking an interest in sewing. The headbands look great and those frogs are so cute! I love Sophie's smile!