Anneke's Messenger Bag

A messenger bag made by Anneke! She did all the sewing on it except for putting the lining and bag together. She made the embroidery back in the Spring with plans to incorporate it into some unknown project. I'm really proud of her!
We used this great tutorial from Zaaberry for the bag. 
We added a pocket inside and a magnetic snap to keep the flap closed.  The jean fabric is from an old skirt of mine that no longer fit and the stripe is from my stash.
Look who I found hiding inside...  I couldn't find him when I was taking pictures the other day :)
A close-up of the embroidery.  I think I have a blooming sewer - yay!


  1. The bag is truly wonderful! She did a fabulous job sewing it and that embroidery...I'm very impressed.:)

  2. great job on the bag Anneke!

  3. What a gorgeous job your daughter did on the bag. I can't believe she sewed it herself! I'm so impressed.
    Thank you for posting the photo of you daughter with it. My daughter is about the same age and I had been wondering how big the finished product was. Your photo prompted me to go ahead and make it. It came out the perfect size.
    I added some pockets, etc. You can see mine here:

    Take care,