Sewing Room Happenings

After a major sewing slump in November and December I am now happy to be in my sewing room puttering away on all sorts of fun things!  It certainly helps that I've been staying home quite a bit. 

I've wanted to make a 'plus quilt' for the longest time.  I've had several in my Flickr favourites for a few years and now one on my Pinterest board too.  This one is baby size and I will show the whole thing when I am finished.

I borrowed my friend's Go Baby Cutter to cut out these tumbler shapes.  This one is also baby sized and I LOVE it!  All from my scrap bin.  I'll show you this one when it's finished too. :-)  (PS - Rebecca is having a great giveaway - click here to see it!)

A cover for my dad's new ipad.  I have such a hard time giving or making things for my dad.  When he got an ipad recently I instantly knew I could make something for him.  And he likes it!  And uses it!  Yeah!  I actually forgot to take a photo of it before I gave it to him so Gord took a photo of it when he stopped by there.

A quick little pouch to go with a birthday present.

Love using my zippers!

So that's how it's going in the sewing room.  I hope to get back in there today to start quilting my baby quilts.  Fun, fun!


  1. I'm excited to see the whole baby quilts!! It looks like you've been having fun in your sewing room!

  2. Wowser you are a sewing machine :) love the quilts! I need to make A cover for my iPad too!

  3. Ooooo I'm looking forward to seeing those quilts! You're luck to have a friend with a Go Baby Cutter.

  4. there is quite a lot going on in your sewing room...i love the tumblers and plus quilt. they look fun