Sebastian's Quilt

I made this quilt before Sebastian was born but haven't posted it yet (although it's been in a couple posts) because I hadn't finished quilting it yet!   I put the binding on after I quilted the straight lines but not the squares.  Last week I finally took it down to my sewing room and finished it off and gave it a wash.

I used the Alphabet Soup line along with a few other blue and orange prints and the solid green from my local Fabricland.  I had a hard time choosing the solid and didn't really love the green at first but it has really grown on me over the months and I actually really love it now.  The pattern is Modern Baby Quilts by Elizabeth Hartman.

I just love striped  bindings!
 Look how much difference 4 months makes!
4 weeks
4 months


  1. oh he is so precious...that quilt looks great

  2. I really like it, Suzanne!

    His diaper sure fits him better at 4 months! And his ears are huge, just like Lukas! He is so cute!

  3. That is a really cute quilt. I love the colors.

  4. I loooove this quilt! I love the colors, the quilting, the binding, the backing, everything about it. Sebastian is pretty good lookin' too :-) Good job on both

  5. Couldn't you just come for coffee with him?

    1. I'm guessing this is Mom asking? You know how much I'd love too!! :)

  6. I'm glad you grew to like the quilt...it's fabulous, great colors and all. Oh, and the baby is precious!