A Well-Traveled Bento Box

The actual Bento Box hasn't traveled but the fabrics all come from a cross-country trip 5 years ago.  Yep, you heard that right.  5 years!  I started piecing the blocks over 3 years ago, finished them last summer and then stalled when my machine wasn't quilting properly.  Then this August I got the back made and I quilted it in September.  This has got to be my longest WIP and I finished it!
During the summer of 2007 we drove from our home in Ontario through the states to BC with our family of 5.  It seems like almost every little town had a quilt shop so my very enabling husband would stop, I'd hop out and take a quick peak around and pick out a blue and/or yellow fat quarter.
I love the back!  I made a block from each place (or person) with the fabrics I got there.
I quilted it with organic straight lines.  Doesn't that sound way better than not-so-straight and slightly wobbly? ;-p 
Here's a list of the Quilt Shops.  Do any of these happen to be your local quilt shop?

Fern Hill Gifts and Quilts - South Amana, Iowa
Hamels Fabrics - Chilliwack, British Columbia
Cotton Capers Quilt Shop - Choteau, Montana
Old Alley Quilt Shop - Sherburn, Minnesota
Country Fold & Quiltessentials - Abbotsford, British Columbia
Big Horn Quilts - Greybull, Wyoming
La Grande, Oregon (don't know the shop name)
The Quilt Shop - Custer, South Dakota
Idaho Quiltworks - Buhl, Idaho
Quilters Quarters - Spring Valley, Minnesota
Willow Ridge Crafts - Rock Springs, Wyoming
Heritage Designs - Amana - Iowa

Well...five years later, with that trip a distant memory, it doesn't have quite the exciting factor but it's done just in time for the cooler weather and we can definitely use a "snuggle quilt"!


  1. Lovely job, Suzanne. What a wonderful idea!

  2. Yeah, you're finished! It's a beauty and I think you'll treasure it forever. Such a neat way to remember your trip. It'll be fun for your kids too look at too.

    A lot has changed in five years though - You've moved across the country to Alberta and two more kids have been added to the bunch. Hamel's Fabrics is my local quilt store (as you know!) - 3.5 minute drive from my house! In Abbotsford, Country Folk as well as Quilt Essentials are gone now.

  3. How FUN! Full of memories. I just love the back too.

  4. It's beautiful Suzanne! I love it, love the colours and love the concept that inspired it! I think I just may have to try something like it some day!

  5. I think it turned out gorgeous, and still a good memory! :)

    p.s. I'm thinkin' I really need new jeans. That are not bootcut. Starting to look dated. lol

  6. Wow, I'm impressed you remember each of the quilt shops after 5 years! Dare I say I love the back more than the front. But love thst it is now a beautiful 2-sided quilt.

  7. Oh, I love blue and yellow! They look great in the Bento Box pattern. Quilts with memories are the best.

  8. Beautiful Quilt....
    and a perfect background setting!!

  9. I love the blues and yellows!great quilt! and a great way to remember a drive cross country...