A Fall Tablerunner - Thanks SS!

Back in September I got a table topper quilt kit from my Secret Sister.  A very nice gift and it got me to make a runner for our window sill (albeit a little on the late side!) that I probably wouldn't have made otherwise. 
It was a kit for a square topper but I had to make a quick, simple project more work because a long runner would work better.  I ended up cutting the 5" squares into 4 so it would be a bit more patchworky.  The appliques came with the kit with the fusible stuff on already!
Almost all the leaves are gone already except for this Mountain Ash Tree.  It looks like winter out there but I'm not going to take out my snowmen yet so I can enjoy this for another month yet!


  1. The colors are perfect for fall! The fall appliques are great too.:)