KCWC: Fail

One of Benjamin's expressions lately is "What a fail!"  He says it to himself or someone else.  Today I'm using it for Kid's Clothes Week Challenge.  "What a fail!"  I sewed one thing.  And cut out a few others.  I was feeling utterly human last week with a sore shoulder and an inability to sleep more than 4 hours per night.

But, I got my shoulder fixed up (kind of) with a steroid shot into it and I've had two good nights sleep in a row.  (If you've ever dealt with insomnia you understand me, if not, then you think I'm a whiner.  I'm trying not to care what people think of me.)  So today I decided to do the basics around the house and the rest of the time I spent in my sewing room.  And it was lovely!

I actually sewed up 5 pieces for Carolin today.  Three pairs of leggings, a shirt and a skirt.  I'll show the outfit tomorrow.

Carolin is super skinny scrawny slim so not a lot fits her.  She likes skirts but hates tights.  So I thought I'd make a pile of leggings to go with her skirts.  I had all of these knits in my stash (some for a long time) so I'm calling these free.  This is the second pair I made so I made them even slimmer than the first one.

For the pattern I used a pair that she had a hole in the knee.  I really liked the fit on her so I just cut them up and used it for the pattern, adding seam allowances.  Very easy!

I'll be back tomorrow with the other three pieces I sewed today!  Thanks for reading!


  1. The leggings are adorable. Sorry about the shoulder and the insomnia. I go through phases where I have trouble falling asleep at night so I can identify to some degree.

  2. Glad that you were able to get relief from the sore shoulder and some sleep. When my RA flares up, pain and insomnia are no stranger to me so I totally get it. Love the leggings! K needs some more and there's no way store bought will be slim AND long enough for her so I'm searching for some decent cotton/lycra knit in black, brown, and gray. Can't wait to see the other 3 pieces!!

  3. Yay for sewing, yay for not worrying what people think. All that matters is what God thinks, and I'm pretty sure He thinks you are spectacular. ;)

  4. If it makes you feel better, I only sewed one things last week too. A pair of baby boots that don't stay on :(
    Love the leggings - as I was reading I was hoping to find a link to a pattern at the end... Good idea to copy an existing pair! Do you sew them with a serger? I just got one last week but don't know how to use it yet. I'm hoping to start sewing with knits tho so I better learn :)

  5. leggings from scratch! I love that idea! ;)

  6. I've got a scrawny one too. Actually, I've got a scrawny one and a super-scrawny one, so I've been making leggings too.