The world's ugliest muslin!

(I have one fitting question close to the end of the post - I'd love it if you have any tips for me!)
Inspired by a couple of friends I have jumped headfirst into making a dress for myself!  I made one dress a loooong time ago, back when I was in high school, and that was with a lot of help from a great sewing teacher.

I picked Simplicity 1882 (I'm making view B) because I really like the look and because the pattern has different cup sizes as well as slim, average and curvy fit for the bottom - isn't that fantastic?!
I love the collar and pocket details!

The pattern directions are very detailed but they tell you to baste the whole dress with the seams on the outside, then fit it, take it apart and sew it the right way.  That's how I understood it anyway!  So instead I decided to just make a muslin out of an old, ugly sheet :)

Ok...super ridiculous but I hate pictures!

And with a small adjustment under the bust and in the waist it fits very well!

**There are a couple lines pulling from the waist to my bum...any experienced sewer's who'd know what needs to be adjusted to fix that?**

Now, to be brave and cut into the real fabric...
It's a very drapey fabric so hopefully it fits as well as the muslin!


  1. I love the fabric! I think it'll be a pretty dress :)

  2. I'm still a newbie with fitting issues but I think maybe you need to do a swayback adjustment. Good work on your muslin...can't wait to see the finished dress!

  3. I've made a dress for myself once - about 12 years ago! Sorry, no advice for the pulling... I'm sure a drapey fabric will work well with that pattern.

  4. Sorry I didn't see the bum pull bit when we fitted it. I don't actually know how that could be remedied.

    Can't wait to see the FO! I think it's going to be gorgeous.

  5. It looks like you may need a tiny bit more space over the hips/backside. The pulling is similar to what you get with a swayback, but without the pooling you would see for that. I would pull out the basting in the side and center back seams over the hip area and see if the wrinkles "drop out" once you release the tension. If they do, then you can see how much gaping you have across the seams and add that in the hip area. It doesn't look like you need much and otherwise you got a really excellent fit. Nice work!

  6. LOL must show my mom the picture of you wearing her sheet :)Very nice!