Clothes for Carolin

I had so much fun sewing up this outfit for Carolin.  She loves it and so do I.  I do like bright colours though...

Leggings are copied from some Old Navy leggings I took apart.  The shirt is from a Burda pattern with some changes.  I did not use ribbing on neck, but rather just surged the neck, folded it over and stitched with a straight stitch.  It is stretchy enough to get over her head without breaking so I'm happy.

I also wanted to have a bit of gathering or pleats on the shoulder.  I sort of used this tutorial from Made by Rae but I didn't add 2 inches to the whole length of the sleeve.  I added 2 inches to the top portion of the sleeve and tapered it back to the original sleeve width at the wrist.

Appliqued a heart with some rib knit.  It's a very happy heart don't you think?

Love, love, love the trim on the skirt!  I've been looking for the perfect project for it and I love it!

Fabric for the shirt and leggings was a knit I picked up at Fabricland quite some time ago.  They very rarely have nice knits but I just came across this one.  It is thick and sturdy and has a bit of lycra in it.  I just wish they had nice printed knits.  With polka dots and such.

And the sun popped out for a little photo shoot.  I'm not much of a photographer, but the sun sure does lighten things up!

Have a good day!


  1. Very cute! Love the bright colours, heart and trim too! Is the skirt a pattern or just something you came up with?

    1. I sort of made it up using a pattern I had on hand (the Handmade Dress pattern).

  2. Wow, that is SO cute! And Carolin looks like she LOVES it too.

  3. that is sure cute! I love the bright colours too!

  4. I just realized what this reminds me of... a Raggedy Ann Doll! I loved that doll :-) The blue/red/white stripes and the white apron that had the red rick-rack on it... Ah, memories! Karen K