The last week of September I had the sudden urge to make a table runner for my big kitchen table. I did some pulling out of my stash and started cutting strips.

After sewing them all up, I didn't really like the look of it, so I cut it up into three sections, did a bit of seam ripping and sewed it back up again.

And because my arm doesn't hurt enough, I decided to quilt it to death.

But I like it with all that quilting.  And now I have a table runner that colours my kitchen with fall.

And I like the back too.  But the boys in my house think it's too yellow.

We are experiencing an autumn like no other.  Glorious sunshine, no rain, warm temperatures.  Quite unbelievable, really.

This photo was taken on Thursday out at the Vedder River.  It was like August!

And a bonus photo.  Gord and Benjamin went hiking in Manning Park today to see the larch trees in all their glory.

One more thing...  Are you participating in Kid's Clothes Week Challenge at Elsie Marley?  The idea is to sew an hour per day for the full week on clothes for your kids.  I plan on sewing but my week will be cut a bit short.  I don't sew on Sundays usually and Monday is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.  But after that, I sure hope to get an hour per day in!  I have some plans...

Have a good Sunday and, if you are Canadian, a good Thanksgiving Monday!


  1. The runner is awesome! And I agree, this fall has been spectacular. What does it say about our winter to come though?? :) Happy Thanksgiving Alisa!

  2. That is a lot of quilting! But it really makes the runner spectacular.

  3. I really, REALLY love your table runner!!

  4. I love it Alisa! All that quilting looks fantastic. And the bits of lace...what a great added touch :)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving. I love your table runner.

  6. I love the fall colors of your new runner! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving with family.:)

  7. Totally love your table runner :) Wishing you and your family also a blessed Thanksgiving, delighting in God's goodness towards us all!

  8. Lovely!! The bits of lace are great! I was thinking of doing a quick table runner for fall - guess I didn't get on it fast enough. We have snow this morning. Sure doesn't feel like fall anymore!


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