KCW Day 3

Alisa: Hello there!  How's everyone doing with Kids Clothes Week?  Today I sewed for just over an hour and made the back of the Oliver + s Garden Party Dress.  Maybe I can squeak a bit of time in tonight on it too.  Loving it so far!

Suzanne: I finished tracing all the bathing suit pieces (11 x 3!) and got one cut out.  Still feels like I have nothing to show for it but most of the hard work is done!

I also have to share what else I was doing today.  Working on this custom quilt - absolutely love how it's turning out!


  1. Alisa, The garden party dress is going to be so pretty!
    Suzanne, I can't wait to see the swimsuits and the quilt it amazing! Is this one going to be a keeper or a gift?

  2. Suzanne, absolutely love the quilting!