Lua Sleep Sack - Tester Tour

This post was supposed to be up this morning and I'm finally getting to it now.  My week has been unusual from the start and now I'm getting my days mixed up.  Do you have that too?

I had the opportunity to test the Lua Sleep Sack by StraightGrain.  It was fun to sew a different kind of sleepsack!  The pattern is clear and thorough and the few issues in the tester version are all fixed up in the pattern, so I recommend this pattern to anyone wanting to sew up a sleepsack.

 I made a larger size so that I can use it in the coming fall/winter so it looks a bit big on Joshua.  But doesn't it look cute?  Not that one has to look cute to bed, but...

I tried so hard to match the plaid but the one side is still off.  I had already picked out the seams a couple of times (my own fault, not the pattern) so I just left it.


  1. Cute! At first I thought it would be a pain to change diapers in the night with the buttons on top but then I noticed the zip. :)
    And yes...I can't seem to remember what day it is since getting back!

  2. Your little guy looks so cute! We were so mixed up this week with our days too, it's that long weekend that does it to us every time. Our carpool was mixed up too - they didn't come pick my kids up on Tuesday morning cause they thought it was Monday! haha

  3. The sleep sack is adorable! I hope your week ended on a better note.:)