Sophie's Garden Party Dress

I (Suzanne) also made a Garden Party Dress for KCW last week.  Turned out fabulously!  This is the second Oliver + S pattern I've made and I do love working from them.
She measured between a  size 5 and 6 so I made the 6 with a 7 length.  I could've gone with a 5 but now it'll fit longer, right?
I need to move the loop and button up!

Not quite the scenic pictures as Alisa posted but we're planning a trip to the Fraser Valley in a few days so we'll get to see the mountains in all there glory!  Very excited to see all our family there too!!  Maybe we'll even get a picture of our girls in their Garden Party Dresses :)


  1. Very, very nice! Am thinking I need to get this pattern.

  2. The dress is beautiful! I love the print that you used. Seeing your and Alisa's fabulous dresses is making it awfully hard to not purchase the pattern!;)

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