Spring Break Ideas

I thought I'd do a quick post on what kept us occupied for two. long. weeks. of Spring Break.  My photos aren't fancy pinterest-friendly photos but maybe this will serve to give another mom some (frugal) ideas.  Other than taking your kids on a fancy vacation that is.

Entertaining the baby and taking thousands of photos of him on the ipad is obviously the most important thing that should be done.  Finding some snow can also be a fun way of spending the day.  Lots of visiting with friends and sleepovers at Oma's house is also fun.  If the weather is nice, blowing bubbles and decorating the cul-de-sac with chalk can provide hours of entertaining.  I am sure that many of your children spent a few hours this break with their Rainbow Loom, making bracelets and other useless items for members of the family.  So much fun though!  Going to the park with friends when the weather is nice is very good for mom and the kids.  Very good indeed!  When the weather is not nice we have to resort to more indoor activities. Clothespin and craft stick airplanes are now suspended on ceilings in the boys' rooms and a big, poofy coffee filter ball in the girls room.  Melissa also tried this perler bead bowl which turned out pretty cool.  Lego was our go-to toy this Spring Break and the girls also did some baking.  I now know why my mom left the kitchen when I baked.

The one thing that we tried this Spring Break was to make Gak.  We made it several times as you can see in the collage.  The kids had so much fun with this and we made it several times to show our friends.  No one suffocated in the process.  Did you know you could buy Neon food colouring?  It was perfect for this project.

And that sums up our Spring Break.  As much as I love my kids, I find 2 weeks of Spring Break rather long.  We were blessed with a few sunny days this time, but we often have 2 weeks of rain and that makes it tough to keep them busy and happy (and not fighting and pestering.)

How do you spend your spring break?  What are some ideas you've done that worked?


  1. love some of these ideas! thanks :)

  2. Lots of fun things to do! Our gak is definitely thicker - we'll have to try again. Creepy face!! Lots of lego playing happening over here too. The perler bead bowl looks fun to try too! And, yes, cute baby pictures must come first :)

  3. Much more creative than we were this spring break! Super mom of the year I think. :)

  4. Spring break starts on Monday for my crew but it's only one week long. Looks like y'all had a fun time! I think we'll try making Gak next week...it looks like something my kids would love!