Kids Clothes Week - Day 1

We are both participating in the Kids Clothes Week Challenge - sew for the kids for one hour every day this week.  We hope to do a quick post every day just for motivation and then post our finishes (hope we finish something!) in the next couple of weeks.

Suzanne:  My hour was spent taping and tracing out the Oliver and S Garden Party Dress in a size 6 for Sophie.

Alisa:  I haven't done my hour yet but I made my list.  Hope to get the hour in sometime before I go to bed!  Here's my list.

Are you sewing along this week?


  1. Nice list, Alisa! I did chuckle a bit though - you're counting on this taking longer than a week, right?!

  2. I didn't realize it is KCWC, but I cut out the pattern and fabric for a dress for J today and hope to start sewing tomorrow.

  3. I don't know about an hour a day, but I do have a couple simple skirts and dresses I need to finish!

  4. Am sewing along too. Only have one thing nearly finished with vague plans for the rest of the week...