PJ's for Ben

My poor boy has been going to bed with a t-shirt and swim trunks for the past couple of months. Yes, swim trunks. He claims they are the most comfortable thing to wear. He's needed pj pants for a long time but this mama has been too tired to do much sewing lately. Yesterday I took the plunge and had these whipped up in an hour. It felt so good to get behind my machine again!

I used a t-shirt that he already had and appliqued a paw print onto it. He really likes that part.

He isn't really into dogs but this is what I had on the shelf. He has requested that I make a pair for Zachary to match. How cute would that be? :-) I'd better do that while he still wants to match his little brother.


  1. cute! I love PJs and blue to boot. It's a winner!

  2. Aww. I love matching the kids outfits.