My Emmeline Apron!

Way back in the summer when I was in BC with my family my sisters and a sister-in-law started making Emmeline Aprons for ourselves.  It was blogged about here.  Alisa finished hers shortly after and mine sat on my table for months!  Finally a couple of weeks ago I picked it up again and finished it!  Now I just need to get in the habit of using it :)

Here's one side:
 And the other:

The only thing I changed is that instead of making the neck as two ties I just looped it so I can just pop it over my head.


  1. this is so cute!!! you should use it all of the time, you look great in it!

  2. PS. Were these pics taken by one of your kids? I love the angle;)

  3. Looking good, Suzanne! How does Conrad like it? :-)

  4. Cute! I like the the green side and the pose. :) The looped neck would work well since you made it for yourself - no adjusting necessary!

    M keeps saying she is excited to move so she can visit T! Funny girl. I guess it's pretty cold there right now?

  5. Beautiful! I love wearing aprons and this one is so cute!

  6. I love it!! If only mine would get done... sigh..