Dressing for Spring

One of the best things with having 3 daughters is sewing Sunday dresses for Spring and Summer.

So bright and cheery. So satisfying to make.

And, at this age, they so appreciate it. I am sure that will not last forever.

The pattern is the Miss Mary pattern from The Handmade Dress.

I loved this pattern and will use it again. Well written and came together just how I imagined it.

I bought the fabric a few months back for $1.50 per metre. It's not actually a woven cotton but a thin twill. It is soft and drapes very nicely.

Taking photos of my girl was so fun! Can you tell?

Now go! Sew your little (or big) girl a sweet dress for church! And have fun.


  1. It's beautiful Alisa! So simple but so pretty.
    I love the second last picture. The red bike is great! :)

    (makes me wish I'd used a simpler pattern! I was fighting with a zipper all afternoon)

  2. Love the rick-rack on the bottom! Very nicely done Alisa. I could hardly tell that it's a wrapped front. The front is staying closed nice even though she's running and biking in it.

  3. Looks great Alisa! And I love the fabric - what a steal!

  4. Just curious if you got a hold of this pattern in Canada or did you have to order it off their website from the States? I love the dress and always have a hard time finding Sunday outfits for my girls. This pattern is stylish yet modest, just what I'm looking for!

  5. I've been wanting this pattern. I love Handmade Dress patterns because they're so simple. The fabric and trim looks great! I think I'm going to buy it now :) Thanks for sharing.

  6. Laura - I ordered the pattern off of her website. I ordered the downloadable pdf pattern which is emailed to me right away. So, no shipping costs at all. If you do order it that way make sure you save it onto your computer right away because the link expires very quickly. That way you can make it again and again. And if you do make it - have fun!

  7. this is the prettiest church dress ever....i would never get my Avery to take it off if she had one.

  8. Beautiful dress for a beautiful girl! It's my favorite thing about having little girls too :)