Quilt Gifted

Last week I finished up their quilt (put a label on it) and gave it to them. A little over a month early, but I think it's fun for the couple if they get their gifts here and there over a period of time. Makes the last (long) month before the big day go just a bit faster.

And here they are. The happy (acting goofy) couple with the quilt. I hope it gets lots of use for many years.

I don't know about anyone else, but when I give a quilt away I'm always a bit sad. You put a lot into a quilt and then you have to say good bye to it. But this one I'll get to see now and again because they are actually going to live close to us. Unlike some other people in my family. You know who you are. :-)


  1. :-p

    I would if I could! You know that! :)

    Looks like they like it!

  2. i am with you...it is hard for me to give away a quilt. i won't unless i know for sure that person will love and appreciate it enough for me.

  3. Hey alisa. I found you Last night on here, so happy to see you have a blog! The quilt is beautiful.

  4. the quilt turned out beautiful! I'm sure it'll get good use!

  5. Looks great- and you know they'll cherish it forever!! What a great gift!

  6. I also have a hard time giving quilts away. I am so excited to give it but a little sad. Part of it is that I have been so focused on this quilt that when it's gone I have to refocus on another project.
    The quilt turned out beautiful, what a lucky couple to have you in their family.